ABOUT US / Production and logistics


C.R. stands as a point of reference for companies and professionals operating in the sanitary ware market.

Whether you are looking for laundry sinks, washbasins, shower/bathtub cabinets, toilet seats, and various components and fittings, we are able to offer a wide variety of products thanks to our in-house production process.

We manufacture our products on a full cycle basis. In addition, thanks to our effective logistics management, we are able to guarantee quick and timely delivery.



C.R. avails itself of several injection moulding presses and extrusion lines, integrated, in turn, with robotic systems. Thanks to these technologies, we are able to constantly meet high qualitative and quantitative standards, while ensuring an excellent quality / price ratio. We wish to point out that optimizing resources and materials from a “green” perspective is a major priority for us.

To date, our company boasts an accurate and dynamic manufacturing and logistics chain with an aim to achieve a perfect balance between human skills and mechanical components.

All our products and components are designed and developed using semi-automatic or automatic packaging lines capable of verifying compliance of each product with the required quality standards.

Finally, we believe that logistics play a vital role in achieving a flexible supply chain structure to be able to meet the increasing demand for customization and timely service.

Besides this, where collaborations between companies are concerned, seriousness and professionalism are our watchwords. As a matter of fact, we never underestimate the importance of collaborating with other companies as a way to achieve synergies and mutual benefits, which leads to enhanced productivity and services.

In this respect, thanks to our extensive product line, know-how, production capacity and high quality standards, we have been appreciated for over 40 years by several companies that operate in the sector, including large multinationals and direct competitors, such as to become their valuable, long-term partner for the supply of special/semi-finished components and “PRIVATE LABEL” products.

Contact us now to discover more about our company and products, while considering the possibility of collaborating with us.