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Our company is a renowned manufacturer of washing machine cabinets. In particular, our Amphora range is dedicated to laundry and utility rooms in general.

Our range includes washing machine cabinets for outdoor use, besides a wide variety of solutions suitable for indoor spaces aswell.

Durability and versatility are the main features of our machine/dryer cabinets designed to meet the highest quality and aesthetic standards.

Our washing machine cabinets, made of plastic, and as such, extremely resistant to humidity, atmospheric agents and UV rays, represent the ideal solution for organizing and embellishing your outdoor spaces.

From the aesthetic point of view, our cabinets feature a contemporary, minimalist look and are suitable for any type of context thanks to their elegant and appealing design.

Our range of washing machine cabinets includes both standard and oversized solutions, the latter, in particular, designed to accommodate latest generation household appliances, which take up more space compared to traditional ones. We also provide a wide range of options including double-hinged or folding sliding shutters. Some elements can be fitted with a sink and countertop-drainboard.

Functionality is yet another essential feature for us. For this reason, our washing machine and dryer cabinets are extremely practical, easy to install and suitable for everyday use. Designed to optimize your space at best, they are perfect for organizing and storing your household cleaning products. 

Looking for outdoor washing machine cabinets fitted with hinged or folding sliding shutters? We have the perfect solution for you. Browse our catalogue to discover our top quality solutions and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.