/ Toilet drain accessories / Gaskets for toilet cisterns

We provide all kinds of professionals and retail clients with a wide range of toilet cistern fixings.
Our highly functional cisterns are designed to deliver utmost performance and quality. 
Our catalogue includes:

Set of gaskets available in different types (flat, conical, sealing, OR, etc.)
Angle valve for toilet cisterns
Flexible pipes
Chrome toilet roll holder, which can be installed on the side of the cistern shank and used as a towel holder

But not only that! Idrokit, our kit for converting a pneumatic cistern to a practical hydrocistern, comprises a water pressure regulating valve plus a convenient shut-off toilet jet hand-spray, the ideal alternative to traditional toilet brushes. In fact, the device produces a concentrated jet stream that allows you to clean your toilet thoroughly and efficiently. 
Contact us for a detailed description of our products, designed to be highly functional, practical and easy to install to meet the needs of both the end client and the professional installer/plumber.