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How to choose the best pneumatic pushbutton for your toilet
Our company deals with the production of pneumatic pushbuttons for toilet cisterns. Our aim is to provide plumbers, distributors and all kinds of professional and retail clients with a full range of options to satisfy any end user demand.
Our cisterns can be easily converted to a pneumatic cistern thanks to a dedicated pneumatic flushing kit fitted with a pushbutton of your choice.
We offer different types of pneumatic flushing mechanisms and multiple pushbuttons with distinctive features, including:

Traditional external wall-mounted pushbuttons 
Traditional in-wall pushbuttons
External wall-mounted chrome pushbuttons 
Traditional in-wall pushbuttons
Chrome pushbuttons for special applications on equipped walls
External foot operated pushbuttons
Built-in foot operated pushbuttons

Thanks to our extensive product range, you will find a practical and functional solution for any type of bathroom without overlooking aesthetics.
Looking for pneumatic toilet pushbuttons for your clients? Contact us now to discover our kits for converting a traditional toilet cistern to a pneumatically operated one.  Our staff will provide you with more information along with a personalized, no-obligation quote.