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Extensible and flexible pipes: the perfect plumbing tool 
Looking for extensible pipes for toilets, bathrooms in general and kitchens? We have the perfect solution for you.
We deal with the production of these types of plumbing supplies, offering our professional and retail clients a wide range of extensible and compressible pipes fitted with a plastic or metal nut, or a brass terminal.
Our pipes are supplied with flat gaskets to ensure a perfect seal and are available in a variety of sizes and versions: single pipe, fitted with a 90° elbow and two-way pipes, to suit all kinds of end user needs.
In addition, we offer various compositions including washbasin wastes, wastes for stainless steel or ceramic sinks, also in the oversized version (3”1/2).
Our main aim, as usual, is to deliver a wide variety of top quality products to satisfy any demand.
Looking for a supply of high quality extensible and compressible pipes to suit the needs of your clients? Contact us now. We are at your complete disposal to provide you with more information along with a personalized, no-obligation quote.