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Our range includes a selection of built-in waste traps for washing machines.
Our options include traps fitted with a white ABS plastic plate or a stainless steel plate to suit any need and request, without overlooking practicality and aesthetic performance.
Our waste traps are made of polypropylene, and as such, have numerous advantages such as resistance to water, humidity, chemicals and detergents, as well as a low corrosion risk. In addition, they have a high tensile strength and are extremely lightweight.
Our products, made of long-lasting and unalterable materials, represent the perfect combination of functionality and durability without overlooking their aesthetic impact.
Our waste traps are also easily inspectable, which makes routine maintenance quick and simple. The fact that they can be hidden away from view makes them an elegant solution to enhance your overall bathroom style. 
Their standard size makes them suitable for any kind of installation requirement.
Looking for a large supply of built-in waste traps for washing machines? Contact us now. We provide solutions for department stores, plumbers, companies and all kinds of professional clients.