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We offer our clientele, made up of plumbers, department stores and professional installers, a wide range of bathroom traps suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Our range of floor-even traps includes both traditional solutions and gravity –fed traps, which can be fitted with a stainless steel or plastic grid. We also provide a wide variety of water outlets: side-entry, vertical or in line side entry inlets and outlets.
The purpose of a trap is to create a liquid seal and as such, is of vital importance for domestic wastewater management. 
Our traps are designed bearing in mind three core features: flexibility, aesthetics and functionality to ensure a hygienic, silent and reliable drainage solution.
We offer a variety of high quality solutions to suit different needs. Our products, rigorously manufactured under the Made in Italy label, are easy to install. Besides this, they provide easy access for inspection to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.
Are you a professional plumber or installer looking for a supply of gully traps? You are in the right place. We deal with the manufacture of gully traps for indoor and outdoor use. Contact us now. Our staff is at your complete disposal to provide you with more information along with a free, personalized quote.