/ Sink/bidet waste traps / Siphon drains for sinks and bidets


Our company is a manufacturer of plastic waste systems and sanitary ware. In particular, we offer a wide range of siphon drains and waste traps for sinks, washbasins and bidets.

Our range includes different types of waste traps: bottle, U-shaped, one-way, made of white or metalized polypropylene.

Polypropylene, one of the most advanced plastic materials to be found on the market, offers multiple advantages, including high melting point, excellent resistance to water and detergents, not to mention durability.

The possibility to choose between the white or metalized version makes them suitable for any bathroom style and context.

In addition, our traps provide easy access from the bottom or rear for inspection and are self-cleaning to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. Waste traps have the main purpose of preventing the release of unpleasant odours from the drain. In this respect, our “Made in Italy” products are extremely efficient and meet the highest quality standards.

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of top quality waste traps and don’t know where to turn? You are in the right place! Contact us now.