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We specialize in the production of siphon shower drains. In particular, we provide all kinds of professional and retail clients with a dedicated range of classic siphon drains or wastes fitted with an innovative low-profile gravity trap.

Whether you are looking for wastes for shower trays with drain hole or solutions for ultra-thin shower trays, we are able to provide a wide variety of high quality spare parts to meet your needs.

Siphon shower drains are crucial in preventing the release of unpleasant odours from the drain. Very often, in fact, despite beautifully decorated tiles and high-end shower fixtures, bathrooms may give off an unpleasant odour. To solve this issue, instead of connecting the hole directly to the floor, we recommend installing a siphon drain.

Our products are available in different versions to suit any aesthetic requirement.

Looking for a reliable manufacturer of siphon shower drains? Contact us now. Our staff will provide you with detailed information on our top quality items.