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Our company specializes in the design and development of different kinds of linear shower drains, in particular, NILO, our range of shower channels named after the Nile, the world’s longest waterway known for its millennial history.
All our linear shower drains belonging to the NILO range represent a modern and innovative solution for all kinds of floor-even shower drains, from the “exposed” to the “tileable” type. In particular, the gravity fed drainage system ensures a high discharge flow rate. This helps prevent the release of unpleasant odours thanks to an airtight seal. Also, they provide easy access to allow inspecting each internal component once installed.
In addition, our NILO range is fitted with manual height-adjustable feet, a waterproof membrane and a convenient hook for removing the grid, all features that turn out particularly useful during installation.
Our linear drains are designed to be functional, easy to install and low-maintenance. In addition, thanks to their excellent aesthetic impact, then can add a modern and elegant touch to your shower and overall bathroom style.
Committed to meeting the needs of both the end client and the professional installer, we are able to offer top quality, aesthetically pleasing products, without ever overlooking practicality and functionality.
Are you a plumber or a professional installer looking for a linear shower drain system for your clients? Don’t wait any longer! Contact us now. Our staff is at your complete disposal to provide you with more information along with a personalized, no-obligation quote.