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Our desire is to offer our clientele, made up of department stores, distributors, professional clients and experts in the sector, the best products available on the market.
In order to achieve our goal, we are constantly committed to studying and developing innovative solutions to meet multiple market demands.
To this end, we have designed a range of folding shower and bathtub cabins.
Available in two main versions, Bruco and Superbruco, our cabins are designed to offer maximum safety and ease of use. Easy to clean and available in different sizes, they can be customized to suit a wide range of needs.
Our cabins are fitted with shower or bathtub panel covers with a wide, reversible door system, either central or side opening, with shutters designed to align perfectly when open or closed.
Other main advantages include ease of installation even if the shower tray and wall are not running perpendicular. Built with an indestructible and extremely safe material, our cabins are easy to clean using any type of household detergent.
Our shower and bathtub cabins can be made to measure; in particular, shower cabins can be adjusted to suit very small or odd-sized shower trays by cutting the lower and upper guides and removing any redundant panels.
Looking for easy-to-install shower and bathtub cabins for your clients? Don’t wait any longer! Contact us now. We guarantee durable, top quality products and on-time delivery.