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For over 40 years, C.R. has been standing as a major manufacturer of toilet cisterns of all types, offering a wide variety of solutions for all kinds of professional and retail clients. 

We provide a wide range of external, medium level, high level, one-piece backpack cisterns, with single or dual flush, as well as cisterns for in-wall installation and much more. 

Our aim is to develop toilet cisterns that are easy to install for professional installers and plumbers, while taking into account the end users’ needs.

In addition, most of our cisterns are equipped with anti-condensation and soundproofing insulation to make them long-lasting and extremely silent when flushed.

Water saving is another essential aspect for us, which we are constantly seeking to improve. Designed to reduce the amount of water used in each flush, our products allows saving not only money, but also a precious resource while protecting the planet. Our cisterns can be either fitted with a selectable dual flush to give you the option to choose between a half flush or a full flush, or a convenient start /stop function to activate and stop the flush according to your needs.

As you can see, much consideration and care go into designing every detail to deliver an all-round, functional product.

Are you a dealer or a professional installer looking for completely fitted toilet cisterns? Contact us now to discover all our options at convenient prices.