The built-in wc cistern designed for the simplest installation and maintenance,
for inexperienced people also


In-wall installation

Technical features

Compatible with double button plate or single button plate with start/stop function
Reduced depth and large opening to allow an easy maintenance.
Every component can be reached and removed without using tools.
The adjusting of the double flush can be done simply by adjusting the screw on the back of the plate
Shockproof body made of high-density polyethylene, a plastic highly resistant to thermal variations
8-litres capacity
Complete with net and polystyrene inner-lining against dampness and noise
High quality compact floating valve, safe, quick and silent
Total thickness 90 mm allows to install it inside every wall

Supplied standard

Cistern complete with all components except plate
Protection cover for plate area during construction works
Adjustable insulated flush pipe
Eccentric pipe, rosette and bowl gasket

Items and descriptions

1060F Built-in wc cistern Fusion for brick walls installation