Concept Pneu


Technical features

WC cistern for low-, medium- or high- level installation
ABS body with anti-age treatment
Anti-condensate and soundproofing insulation
Water connection right, left or central back
High quality 3/8’’ compact floating valve, safe, quick and silent
Hybrid use: possibility of flushing using the pneumatic remote control or the start/stop button on cover

Supplied standard

Angle tap
Wall fixing kit
Outlet pipe mm 50×40
Pneumatic flushing mechanism
External or built-in pneumatic push-button (white) and pipe/sheath
Start/stop button for cover (for low- or medium-level installation)
Plug for cover (in case of high level installation)
Reduction gasket for connection to diam. 32 pipes (for high level installation)

Items and descriptions

1000MC1 WC cistern Concept with external push button and tap
1000MC2 WC cistern Concept with built-in push button and tap