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Our aim to provide all-round, compatible solutions led us to develop Amphora, a range of outdoor furniture that includes a selection of wall hung PVC cabinets.





Our aim to provide all-round, compatible solutions led us to develop Amphora, a range of outdoor furniture that includes a selection of wall hung PVC cabinets.
PVC is a widely used plastic material with numerous advantages: insulating, stable, resistant, versatile, fire resistant and long-lasting, with the ability to withstand the action of external agents such as UV rays and rain. It is also resistant to chemicals, hygienic, easy to clean and recyclable, and as such, is perfectly in line with our ecosustainable policy.
Our wall hung cabinets, designed for outdoor use, are perfectly suitable for indoor installation aswell. 
Thanks to their minimalist look, our plastic cabinets can match any design style. They are available in a wide range of colour options, from classic white to contemporary wood-effect finishes (in particular oak, ash wood and wenge) in warm and cool tones, to fully satisfy any end user request.
In addition, our wall hung cabinets are designed to be highly functional and performing, easy and quick to install and much more! They represent an extremely practical solution for optimizing your spaces at best and are prefect for storing and organizing your cleaning products.
Our wall hung cabinets are a perfect mix between aesthetic design and functionality.
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