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C.R. deals with the manufacture and sale of wall sinks for wholesalers, resale centers and distributors. Each product is designed with an aim to provide a convenient, useful and multi-functional solution. 





C.R. deals with the manufacture and sale of wall sinks for wholesalers, resale centers and distributors. Each product is designed with an aim to provide a convenient, useful and multi-functional solution. 
Wall sinks, in particular, represent an unmissable complement for indoor environments, such as garages, cellars and laundry rooms, and are also suitable for outdoor garden areas. Moreover, they can be connected to any kind of indoor or outdoor water point.
Our range comes in three main sizes with different colour finish options, besides a wide selection of accessories and fittings. 
Our products are designed to provide maximum ease of use, practicality, durability and aesthetic performance, all essential features of a well-designed sink, in our opinion.
Suitable for your laundry room, garden or garage, our wall sinks combine comfort and attention to detail to meet all your needs, while creating a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic performance.
Our wall sinks are entirely made of glossy polypropylene, a material that is extremely lightweight, resistant to heat and humidity and anti-water absorption.
Thanks to these properties, our wall sinks represent an ideal solution for outdoor use as they are resistant to external agents and UV rays and do not discolour over time. They are also totally washable, resistant to acids and aggressive chemicals and as such, are suitable for food contact.
Our wall sinks are supplied with a trap and waste basin with plug and overflow, along with a fastening kit comprising high quality hexagonal head screws, screw covers and double bracket.
We also have a selection of PVC laundry sink cabinets fitted with double-leaf shutters.
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