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Our Amphora collection includes a wide selection of laundry room furniture and accessories.
Our complete and well-equipped range includes a series of functional and useful sink accessories, designed to add an elegant finish to your laundry furniture.



Our Amphora collection includes a wide selection of laundry room furniture and accessories.
Our complete and well-equipped range includes a series of functional and useful sink accessories, designed to add an elegant finish to your laundry furniture.
Our range also includes washboards, towel racks, soap dishes, baskets and sink grates.
More specifically:

Our washboards can be made of special resin or fitted with a painted countertop. They come in different sizes and are available in the classic traditional shape or with a curved surface. They are perfect for those who wish to decorate their space with a simple and sober style, without overlooking functionality and ergonomics.
The exquisite minimalist design of our chrome towel racks adds a touch of refinement and elegance to any space.
Our soap dishes are designed to match our ceramic bathtubs. Characterized by a classic yet minimalist design, they can match any style.
Our multi-purpose baskets are your perfect ally in the laundry room.
Our sink grates are designed to match our Micro and Slim washtub range.

As usual, our designers pay the utmost attention to detail with the aim of delivering “Made in Italy” top quality accessories.
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