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Our company deals with the production of toilet seats.
Whether you are looking for toilet seats with a universal shape or of the slow- close type, we have the right solution for you.





Our company deals with the production of toilet seats.
Whether you are looking for toilet seats with a universal shape or of the slow- close type, we have the right solution for you. Our toilet seats come in a wide variety of materials, fixings and shapes to suit both traditional and new-concept sanitary ware, as well as many different applications.
In particular, our toilet seats are available in different materials, such as thermoplastic, various types of unbreakable resins, thermosetting plastic and painted wood to suit all kinds of style preferences.
Our in-house developed products are able to meet the following criteria: ease of installation, durability, resistance and universal compatibility with classic porcelain or modern flush-to-wall toilet pans.
We pay the utmost attention to the functional aspect of our toilet seats, with distinct approaches towards: 

the installer’s needs, by providing quick and easy-to-install solutions 
the end client’s needs, by designing unique features that are able to make the difference, such as soft close lids or universal compatibility

Aesthetics are also extremely important to us, and as such, we strive to develop solutions that are able to meet all kinds of different needs.
For example, “Baby”, our range of toilet seats dedicated to children, is specifically designed to fit baby potties.
Besides a wide variety of toilet seats, we also provide spares for individual toilet seat components.
Contact us now if you are looking for a specialized in-house toilet seat manufacturer. We are at your complete disposal to provide you with more information on each model along with a personalized, no-obligation quote.