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We are manufacturers of shower and bathtub cabins. In particular, our Superbruco range stands out for flexibilityadaptability and impact resistance.
Superbruco is extendable and reducible thanks to apposite brackets that allow reducing or extending the profile length.


We are manufacturers of shower and bathtub cabins. In particular, our Superbruco range stands out for flexibility, adaptability and impact resistance.
Superbruco is extendable and reducible thanks to apposite brackets that allow reducing or extending the profile length.
These peculiar features allow us to provide bespoke solutions to meet our any taste and need. In fact, each shower or bathtub cabin can be adjusted to suit the size of almost any type of shower tray or bathtub available on the market.
This range, in particular, includes different versions: standard, angular semicircular or arranged on 1, 2 or 3 sides with sliding door.
Each version has a wide door opening size to allow easy access for those with mobility issues. The doors are designed to align perfectly when open and closed, thus making our cabins not only extremely practical, but also aesthetically pleasing.
Are you a wholesaler looking for shower and bathtub cabins for your clients? Contact us now. We offer a wide choice of standard and bespoke solutions.