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Are you a plumber looking for toilet waste pipes for your clients? You are in the right place.
We specialize in the production and sale of different kinds of toilet waste pipes.





Are you a plumber looking for toilet waste pipes for your clients? You are in the right place. 
We specialize in the production and sale of different kinds of toilet waste pipes.
Our range includes:

Packs of 10 clamps, available in different types
Concentric sleeves for toilet pans
Eccentric sleeves for toilet pans
Flexible toilet outlet pipes
Extensible toilet outlet pipes

Each tool plays a crucial role; for example, clamps are used for fastening and assembly operations, sleeves are ideal for wastewater discharge systems, whereas flexible and extensible pipes guarantee effective waterightness and odour control thanks to a perfect seal between the toilet pan and the waste pipe.
Made with top quality materials and studied in detail, our toilet waste pipes are the ideal solution in terms of durability and sealing performance.
Looking for a company specialized in the sale of toilet waste pipes? Rely on C.R! Our products are designed to the highest quality standards and are extremely long-lasting. Contact us now. We are at your complete disposal to provide you with more information.