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Our company supplies a wide range of toilet float valves to installers, plumbers, department stores and all kinds of professionals and retail clients in general.





Our company supplies a wide range of toilet float valves to installers, plumbers, department stores and all kinds of professionals and retail clients in general.
Technologyutmost performance and reliability lie at the basis of our range of float valves, perfectly compatible with any kind of toilet cistern.
Thanks to special adapters, our float valves are compatible not only with cisterns from our own production, but also with other brands.
Our range includes bottom or side-entry float valves fitted with a brass or acetal resin shank, suitable for both plastic and porcelain cisterns. As usual, we strive to deliver an all-round service to fully satisfy the needs of professionals and end users alike.
Our float valves are easy and quick to install, height – adjustable and fitted with a sound-insulation device to reduce noise. Thanks to these special features, our products are able to meet the highest quality standards.
Some models are fitted with an easily cleanable anti-impurity filter to ensure enhanced levels of hygiene at each flush.
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