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Our company specializes in the design, construction and sale of bathtub and shower cabins for all kinds of retail and professional clients, including plumbers and installers.


Our company specializes in the design, construction and sale of bathtub and shower cabins for all kinds of retail and professional clients, including plumbers and installers.
Our Bruco range stands out for its ease of installation, suitability for everyday use and resistance to impact.
We offer a wide variety of models and shapes: standard, semicircular, one, two or three-sided (the latter is characterized by a reversible central opening).
Thanks to a practical bellow, our Bruco shower and bathtub cabins are an excellent and convenient alternative to panelled and glass solutions.
They can be adjusted by cutting the sliding guides to obtain smaller sizes than those indicated in our product catalogue.
A major advantage of our Bruco cabins is that they can be easily assembled and installed by both specialized technicians and private clients. They are also extremely easy to use and clean using common household detergents.
Looking for a reducible shower or bathtub cabin for your clients? Rely on our Bruco range for top quality at an extremely advantageous price.