BETA, the CR iconic toilet cistern, celebrates 40 years.

Conceived at the dawn of the 1980s as a result of the industrial tradition, the BETA toilet cistern has grown in importance over time, gaining relevance in the Italian, European and Mediterranean landscapes for its features: it is a highly reliable, durable, and performing product, with an excellent value for money.

An accurate study of the customer’s necessities has made it possible for CR to design a unique water cistern, characterized by an extremely compact and flat shape. This makes it suitable for every type of bathroom, in the context of different cultures and usage.

The pushbutton functioning is simple and intuitive, it is water-saving, and it ensures a quick, modern, and inclusive usage. The traditional design is, even today, very appreciated for its timeless style and for its adaptability to the customer’s aesthetic preferences.

The BETA cistern’s top-quality raw materials and the highly efficient mechanical components ensure an exact market positioning, aimed at gaining the trust of distributors, retailers, repeat customers, as well as large-scale retailers. Our goal is to retain the sales network and reinforce the collaborative relationships, relying on values such as transparency, accuracy, and diligence.



The white and red colours, the CR’s historical trademark, are the distinctive features of the product because they give life to a unique and distinctive packaging, a true symbol of Made in Italy.

The history and the recognition of the BETA brand allowed our company to grow constantly over time.

CR still carries on an innovation and upgrading process over the whole range of products, paying particular attention to details and technic efficiency, aware of the great importance that these features have had in enhancing emblematic products, such as the BETA toilet cistern.